How To Keep Costs Down When Moving House – House Beautiful

How To Keep Costs Down When Moving House – House Beautiful

Moving home can come with quite a few unforeseen costs, with recent research estimating that the average mover spends more than £1,000 on removals. However, there are some easy ways to cut down on this expenditure and make the whole moving process quicker, easier, and more affordable.

Sharing five of their top money-saving hacks, the removals experts from LOVESPACE are helping to reduce any moving stress.

Moving to a new house is an overwhelming process and that’s why moving costs can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought,’ says a spokesperson for LOVESPACE. ‘However, factoring in every expense before the moving day will ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible.’

Here are six top tips for a more cost-effective move:

1. Declutter

The less things you have to move, the less time and money it will cost to do so. With less, you’ll need a smaller removals van and fewer packing materials. So, if you can, try to do a major clear out or declutter prior to your move.

Anything that you no longer need can be donated or recycled and you’ll thank yourself when you do move – all you’ll have are pieces that you truly love, need, or use regularly.

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2. Book early and move mid-week, if you can

    The earlier that you can book a removals firm the better, as then you can compare different prices and dates, as well as being able to take your pick from different firms, instead of just having to settle for whoever has availability that day or week.

    ‘It’s also important to do some research on your selected removals firm to make sure they are affordable and reliable – you don’t want to get all prepared just to be stranded on the big day,’ say the experts.

    Opting for a mid-week move is also recommended as companies can raise their prices during the weekends.

    3. Cut down or eliminate packing costs

      If you have some extra time on your hands or willing friends and family who can help out with the move, you don’t necessarily need to hire a removals firm to pack up your belongings.

      You can also save money by not buying packing boxes. Instead, ask around to see if anyone you know has any spare boxes that you could use. A top tip of ours, for many years, has been to ask if they are throwing away any cardboard boxes at your local supermarket. Normally they are more than happy for you to take the boxes that were destined for the recycling anyway off their hands.

      There’s no need to waste money on buying bubble wrap either, as any fragile items (likes glasses, plates, vases etc) can be wrapped with clothes or bedding that you’re packing anyway, or even if you have any spare corrugated paper or unprinted newspaper offcuts.

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      4. Avoid any delays

        In all industries, time is money, but this is especially true in the moving business. Anything that slows down the removal team can often result in extra costs.

        To save any delays, ‘movers must make sure to finish all their packing before the team arrive and arrange easy access to the property. Any large items should be taken apart to ensure they fit out of the door,’ the LOVESPACE team advise.

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        5. Check for discounts before you book

          It’s always worthwhile checking for any discounts when you go to book a removals company. From key worker, student or armed forces discounts, to refer a friend schemes, even a small discount can help to keep costs down when you prepare to move house.

          6. Make sure to get your deposit back

            If you’re renting and you paid a deposit at the start of your tenancy, ensure you get your deposit back. However, be careful when moving large items of furniture on moving day and ensure that no rubbish has been left behind when you depart. Ideally, you should be leaving the property in the same state that it was when it was listed.

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