Money saving pros share tips for keeping to your Christmas budget – and if you haven’t started shopping you… – The US Sun

Money saving pros share tips for keeping to your Christmas budget – and if you haven’t started shopping you… – The US Sun

CHRISTMAS is an expensive time of year for many and thinking about how you will afford to buy everything on your list can be very daunting.

Shopping for Christmas presents is the dreaded task that comes along at the end of every year.

Money saving pros share their top tips for saving money on Christmas shopping


Money saving pros share their top tips for saving money on Christmas shoppingCredit: Getty

The stress of budgeting and heading into busy town centres throughout the winter takes its toll on a lot of people, and the pros at Net Voucher Codes have shared their top tips for saving money this year.

A spokesperson for Net Voucher Codes said: “News has hit that there is likely to be shortages of Christmas presents this year which will stress a lot of parents out but there’s no need to go out into the shops and start panic buying.

“Expectations at Christmas are massive, especially if you have little ones, which is why we wanted to highlight different things families can start doing now to minimise the stress of Christmas shopping.

“This isn’t new, Christmas shopping is a stress we all face each year but there are things you can do to help like planning ahead and looking out for gift trends.

So, if you are looking to save money, time and help beat those Christmas shortages this year, here are the tips for you.


Look out for trends

Keep an eye on blogs and news articles for what is predicted to be popular this Christmas.

IF you think something is going to sell out, get it as soon as possible


IF you think something is going to sell out, get it as soon as possibleCredit: Getty

This will keep you ahead of the game when it comes to kids toys and electrical gifts.

If a gift you have your eye on is expected to sell out, factor this in mind and consider the earliest point at which you can afford to purchase it.

Start early

Thinking about Christmas months before can be frightening but the truth is it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping to avoid disappointment.

Start your Christmas shopping now


Start your Christmas shopping nowCredit: Getty

As mentioned, if there is a certain toy or gadget your loved one has their eye on, check out it’s availability and if you can…get your hands on it.

This will mean that by the time December comes around, you may only have a few more gifts to get and the main ones will be taken care of.

Just make sure you have your hiding spot at home sorted so the kids don’t find it!

Look for discounts

Budgeting for Christmas can be hard so it’s worth keeping an eye out on deals and discounts to help with spending.

Look out for sales and voucher codes


Look out for sales and voucher codesCredit: Alamy Live News

NetVoucherCodes have a large selection of codes and discounts for toys and gadgets that you may want to use when buying gifts.

Use online shopping…but don’t rely on it

Online shopping is great for making your life easier especially if you’re making an early start on shopping.

Online shopping is key


Online shopping is keyCredit: Alamy

It eliminates having to go into busy town centres during the week when you have other priorities.

With online shopping it’s always important to check delivery times and returns options.

Online shops will tell you what their delivery times are like and will most likely have a cut off date for when Christmas presents can be ordered to ensure they arrive before the 25th.

Returns policy is another thing to check – most places will extend their returns but make sure that a gift you purchase online in November can be returned if need be in January.


Make a list

Raking up the bill can be so easy when it comes to Christmas shopping for people, which is why you may benefit from making a list.

Making a list will help budgeting


Making a list will help budgetingCredit: Getty

Write out the names of who you are buying for and what you want to get them.

This way you can clearly see what shopping needs to be done, how much you plan to buy for everyone and it will hopefully keep you from impulse buying things you see in the store.

This will also give you a cut off point as to when you are officially finished with your Christmas shopping.

Remember bigger doesn’t always mean better

Gifts for family and friends don’t always have to come from big high street stores.

Don't forget that Christmas isn't all about big gifts


Don’t forget that Christmas isn’t all about big giftsCredit: Getty

Small businesses in your area often have great gifts with a more personal and unique touch that are half the price of those on the high street.

And as a massive bonus you’re supporting your local neighbourhood.

Remember that Christmas doesn’t have to be all about presents.

Of course you want your little ones’ faces to light up when they see the tree on Christmas morning but remember Christmas Day can be so much more than presents.

Plan some fun activities and games for Christmas Day that the whole family will enjoy and you’ll soon realise that expensive gifts aren’t the only way to bring joy to your family at Christmas.

With these tips, you'll be set to have a great Christmas!


With these tips, you’ll be set to have a great Christmas!Credit: Getty

Meanwhile, my partner and I never have takeaways or buy brands and we’ve saved £20k in 10 months – here’s my top tips.

Also, Primark’s Christmas collection is here and it’s full of bargain bedding, candles and decorations.

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