Five genius money TikTok hacks that could save you hundreds of pounds a year – The Mirror

Five genius money TikTok hacks that could save you hundreds of pounds a year – The Mirror

With the cost of living increasing, penny pinching pros have gathered together some of the best money-saving hacks from TikTok.

Users of the video social network platform put out a lot of good tips – although there is a lot of terrible advice and scams too.

Sifting through to work out which is which is a big job, but money saving experts at have done just that.

The team spent time going through TikTok’s money saving hashtag and have gathered what they think are the best tips that people may not have considered previously.

Interesting tips include renting people’s driveway for parking and removing pre-saved card details from online shopping sites.

A spokesperson for said: “TikTok is great for things like this. You’ve got every day people from all different backgrounds and households sharing what they do to save them money.

“This year is going to be particularly challenging with the cost of living increasing, and it’s important that people realise there are small yet effective ways to save small amounts of money over a period of time to make a big difference.”

Remove pre-saved card details

It’s not uncommon to be scrolling through your phone in the evening and stumble across something that you think you need to buy.

Removing your pre-saved card details from places like clothing websites will make you think twice about ordering as you’ll have to get up and find your card.

Consider food shopping online

A lot of people do this anyway because not everyone always has time to head out to supermarkets.

Food shopping online will make you more likely to stick to your budget, as you can see the total of your cart as you go.

That mean you’re less likely to order unnecessary items if you’re about to exceed your budget.

Buy loose fruit instead of packets

Several TikTok users have pointed out that purchasing loose fruit is much cheaper than purchasing a pack.

For example, a pack of five bananas from a leading UK supermarket costs 69p whereas loose bananas are 13p each.

Put your pennies in a jar

If you still use notes when shopping you can quickly get a build up of small change that you’re not likely to use again.

Instead of leaving this lying around in your car or at the bottom of your purse or wallet, put it all into a jar.

It will quickly build up and you can take it to the bank and swap it for notes.

However, don’t take a sack full of change to the bank, it won’t be received very well. Instead go and ask for money bags and sort the change out at home yourself first, then take it all to the bank.

Explore cheaper parking options

If you’re someone who commutes a lot for work this could be really beneficial.

There are online services such as JustPark that let you put in the details of your commute and will display you with a list of options of where you can park.

These options are much cheaper than parking in large car parks.

You could even rent out your driveway for other people to use if you’re looking to make some extra cash.

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