Mum transforms kitchen for less than £100 after professionals quoted her £1,000 – The Mirror

Mum transforms kitchen for less than £100 after professionals quoted her £1,000 – The Mirror

If you’re looking to transform your home on the cheap, take inspiration from this DIY-savvy mum.

Dorota Kuzmicka, 34, a mum-of-three and insurance agent from the West Midlands, was able to upgrade her kitchen into a whole new space for less than £100.

Her money-saving tips include using budget materials such as £6 self-adhesive wallpaper and new handles that only cost £1.

She was also able to make a chandelier herself from an old ladder – highlighting how you can upcycle almost anything you already have in your home.

Dorota estimates it would’ve cost around £1,000 to get the job done professionally.

What the kitchen looked like before…

It was very bland and magnolia

Dorota told money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK: “A few years ago, when we moved to the UK, we only had our own clothes.

“I made our first furniture from wooden boxes and pallets, then I bought second-hand things from charity shops or found something on the street and so I started my adventure with DIY.

“I love changes, I love old furniture and mixed styles. Not everyone will like it.”

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Dorota started by cleaning the entire kitchen from top to bottom.

She then took off the fronts of the cabinets and painted them with white paint, before degreasing the countertops and tiles and gluing self-adhesive veneer on them.

“There was no door on the island, so we made it with a piece of a pallet. We used brick wallpaper on the other side.

It now looks like a completely new space

Dorota is thrilled with the results

“I used marble self-adhesive wallpaper from The Range for £6 a roll, AliExpress handles that cost £1, self-adhesive geometric wallpaper for the tiles at £10 a roll, and brick wallpaper from eBay for £8.

“We made the chandelier from an old ladder, so that was free, and I painted the cabinets and tiles with Johnstone’s wood and metal paint, which cost £9.

“It would have cost well over £1,000 to do professionally, but we did it for under £100.”

Dorota says it took her just one day to makeover the kitchen – and she is thrilled with the results.

Dorota loves the new space

If you’re renting, always make sure you get the consent of the landlord before going ahead with a big project like this.

“It feels perfect to have saved so much money and that we have created a wonderful and safe place for our family on a budget,” said Dorota.

“We do everything with the consent of the landlord, but at our own expense and at the lowest possible cost.

“When we move out someday, all the walls will be painted magnolia just like they were at the beginning.

“It doesn’t matter that you rent a house, it is important what kind of place you create for your family.”

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