Ways to save money when shopping for groceries in Canada – Vancouver Is Awesome

Ways to save money when shopping for groceries in Canada – Vancouver Is Awesome

The cost of groceries is a hot topic right now. So much so that one of the largest grocery magnates in B.C. announced they were freezing prices on No Name brand products to help offset inflation.

With many Vancouverites feeling the pinch, they have taken to social media to share their personal tips and tricks on how to keep costs down at the grocery store. The advice being passed around on apps like Instagram and TikTok might not appear groundbreaking, but, in the long run, carving a few dollars or more off your grocery bill can make a big difference.

In addition to shopping tips that save money, the hacks include suggestions for points programs that make the money you spend work for you. People also suggest utilizing apps like Too Good To Go which helps reduce food waste and can be a fun little surprise. (One UBC student told the TikTok account Visit YVR that their solution to saving money in Vancouver is to go on a lot of Tinder dates for free meals. Obviously, this is problematic advice, so maybe stick to the more practical money-saving tips.)

These are just a few ways to save money when grocery shopping in Vancouver according to social media.

Make your own milk alternatives at home

We’ve all heard the money-saving “hack” of making coffee at home instead of buying it from a cafe, but what about making oat milk at home? Earth’s Own oat milk is $3.69 a carton at Save On Foods and this recipe supposedly costs $2.18 a batch and makes 10 batches.

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Don’t shop for everything at the same place

This tip can definitely be annoying if you’re in a rush or if you want a one-stop shop for all your groceries and household needs but it is probably the most practical tip that will make the most difference to your wallet. Shopping for non-perishables like paper towel, sandwich bags, and other household essentials at the dollar store will save quite a few bucks. So will shopping for produce at specialty stores like Kim’s Market or Persia Foods, as one TikToker suggests.

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Use apps that help you save money

TikTok user Vancouver Transparent Life frequently shares money-saving tips online and suggests a few different apps to help people keep track of their spending and make their money go further. Her first suggestion is a daily budget app that will keep track of spending and savings day after day and the second is the PC Optimum points card and Mastercard which will reportedly give shoppers access to deals, free groceries, and cash back. She also shouts out Vancouver’s most well-known low-cost grocery store, No Frills (it’s owned by Loblaws).

There’s also the app Too Good to Go, which one TikToker tried out. The app connects people with local stores and restaurants who are about to throw out food to reduce waste. People can order surprise bags at a discounted rate and end up with quite a bit of food. Another app, Flashfood, does the same for grocery stores. 

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Don’t over shop

Many of us are guilty of going to the grocery store hungry and then loading up on more food than we can reasonably eat. Or heading into the store without a plan and walking out with a bunch of things that don’t go together and end up going bad before we use them. Sean and Lacey, better known as That Vancouver Couple have a tip for avoiding over shopping. They buy all of their groceries online from a meal plan list to make sure they only buy exactly what they need for a week. One additional benefit of this method that isn’t mentioned, is it makes it easier to price compare brands and shop the sales.

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Make the most of coupons and flyers

Many of us loathe junk mail and immediately throw out the flyers that arrive unsolicited in our mailboxes but there are a lot of really good deals in there on items that you were going to purchase anyway. Take a moment to flip through them before throwing them out, same with the inserts that come in newspapers. Following Canadian couponers on TikTok and Instagram is also a good way to stay up-to-date on what’s on sale in-store and where to find online coupons. There are apps for downloading or printing coupons, or programs like Checkout51 that you can submit proof-of-purchase to for cash back. 

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Take advantage of price matching

Price matching might seem like an outdated concept but many major retailers still offer it. Canadian TikToker Livingonaloonie, has a video breaking down where and how to price-match items to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

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