Martin Lewis shares 60 money-saving tips to help households save cash this winter – Hull Live

Martin Lewis shares 60 money-saving tips to help households save cash this winter – Hull Live

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has created a checklist for homeowners of 60 helpful tips to help them saving money this winter.

After stating that energy prices are double last winter’s and that the price guarantee ends in April, Martin Lewis has been keeping on top of his website to share tips on saving money on bills, gifts, eating out and much more.

From bigger tips such as changes to your boiler, to smaller tips such as changing settings on your appliances – the home energy savers checklist shared on the Money Saving Expert website is there to help billpayers during the cost of living crisis.

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Martin offers tips such as checking if your fridge or freezer is too cool, stating that fridges should be five degrees, and freezers should be at minus 18 degrees. The newsletter states that if your temperatures are any lower, you are “wasting energy”.

Another tip was fitting a free water-saving shower head. Explaining that there are 900,000 water-saving freebies available such as a low-flow shower head, it could save households up to £50 a year on their water bills. The guide also suggests another easy tip to cut your shower time by just a minute, which could ultimately save you £35 on your energy bills and £30 on water bills annually.

Easier ideas to save money also included not draining the hot water out your bath too quickly. This is because you’ve already paid to heat it, so to make the most of it, let it sit for a bit so when it cools, the heat from the water will warm the house.

Other tips on the list include a list of how much energy each appliance uses so you can be aware of the true cost, cleaning tumble dryer filters, batch cooking food and many more which are very easy to implement in your home, which could add up to a big saving.

This full list of money saving tips for your home can be found on Martin’s website, along with more helpful information that will save you money through these winter months.

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