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People could earn thousands by simply decluttering their homes.

That’s the latest financial hack from the Money Saving Expert as he explains that you could be sitting on some serious cash and instead of sending it off to a landfill, you could cash in on it.

Martin Lewis explained how to do it in his Money Saving Expert newsletter, where he regularly details the latest money-saving tips to help people across the nation.

The financial guru has given some spring cleaning suggestions in his latest letter.

Martin said: “If you’ve spare time, why not do a personal stock clearance?

“With what you find, ask yourself: “Have I used it since last Easter?”

“Our usual rule is to consider flogging anything unused in a year, but now, given the restrictions, you get a pass on stuff such as suitcases, ball gowns or fancy china.

“However, we bet most can still make cash from their attic.”

Selling things on eBay could earn you thousands with Martin pointing to the example of Fiona who earned over £1,000 in three months by selling clothes, candles, toys and computer games.

Facebook is also another good place to sell items, with one user getting £500 after selling their kitchen on the social network site.

Gadget trade-in sites can also get you some extra cash, Martin’s team found one sure that would pay £199 for a 64GB iPhone X.

And if you want to donate items to charity instead this is still available despite stores being closed.

Martin aid: “You may prefer to give unwanted items to a worthy cause.

“While charity shops are still closed, you can often donate old clothes, jewellery and more for free by post to the likes of British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research.”

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