Augusta Children’s Center Receives $750000 in Donations –

Augusta Children’s Center Receives $750000 in Donations –

According to the Bangor Daily News the Children’s Center in Augusta which provides services to children with special needs will be eliminating its wait list and expanding the building by 14,000 square feet.

These changes are coming thanks to three huge donations of $250,000 each by two families and a community focusses business, bringing the total donated to just under a million dollars.

The Children’s Center has four locations including Farmington, Waterville, Skowhegan and Augusta. The center provides in-center services to children as young as six weeks to five years old. They also provide out-patient care for kids up to 21 years old including occupational therapy, speech therapy and out-patient mental health. Between all four of their locations they are currently serving about 250 kids with a waiting list of 100.

$250,000 is being donated by Norman and Tereasa Elvin, $250,000 is being donated by David and Kaye Flanagan, and another $250,000 from Kennebec Savings Bank.

According to Norm Elvin, owner of Augusta’s G&E Roofing, “The work that is being done at Children’s Center is beyond essential. Because the work of Children’s Center is so essential, they have grown beyond their own walls. This expansion will help many more children and families access vital services for early childhood development for kids with special needs. It will also help to create a brighter path for success for kids in Central Maine.”

Acording to Andrew Silsby, President & CEO of Kennebec Savings Bank, “We are proud to strengthen our long-standing commitment to the Children’s Center with a lead gift. When I heard the campaign presentation, I was struck by the fact that there are over 100 children on waiting lists due to capacity issues. We know that early intervention is critical to helping children with special needs lead full lives. The children on these waiting lists simply cannot get that critical time back in their development. This capital project will make it possible for the Children’s Center to ensure no child in our community has to wait to receive the services they need. We must all act now to ensure success.”

According to David & Kaye Flanagan, “A child’s earliest years are critical to their long-term prospects. There are things beyond our control — creating physical space for every child in our community who needs access to early childhood intervention services isn’t one of them. Kaye and I feel called to be part of the solution for these kids and families and the way we are able to do that is through this gift and our continued support of this mission.”

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