Administrative Professionals Day in Maine Today – –

Administrative Professionals Day in Maine Today – –

Administrative Professionals Day is today. First the International Association of Administrative Professionals defines administrative professionals as individuals who are responsible for administrative tasks and coordination of information in support of an office related environment and who are dedicated to furthering their personal and professional growth in their chosen profession.

That’s a mouthful.  And that’s a busy job.

Are you old enough to remember when they were called secretaries? The year was 1981 when the description was changed from secretary to administrative professional.  Although wasn’t there a time the job was called administrative assistant? Assistant is most often called associate now.

And the celebration for the day or full week in some cases began in 1955 when the National Secretaries Association first started to recognize then secretaries with a day of observation. If you watched the AMC series Mad Men you witnessed secretaries typing countless documents, getting bosses drinks, and constantly being flirted with. Not to mention almost everyone on that show constantly chain smoked. In offices, in the hallway, even in the elevator.

Times have changed, thankfully.

Now it’s a nice gesture to give them a half day off, or at the least have a luncheon in their honor.

Truly in touch woke companies might just ask them how they like to be thanked. That might lead to some very interesting answers.

At the very least, if you’re stuck for words, memorize this and smile when you convincingly recite it to her or him today.  “Thank you so much for everything you do! Thanks for all the ways you pitch in around here, [insert name here]! You’re really, really helpful, [insert name here], and I’m so grateful for you”

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