Federal Email Scam Targeting Yakima Residents – newstalkkit.com – newstalkkit.com

Federal Email Scam Targeting Yakima Residents – newstalkkit.com – newstalkkit.com

Federal authorities are warning of an email scam that’s happening in Washington State and Yakima. The emails are titled “court summons notification.” The email says you are suspected of violating a federal law and that you have a related hearing you’ll need to attend within the next week. You’re also given a case number and a chance to contact the so called court through a link in the email. If you click on the link you’ll be shown a fake court document but you’ll also open up your computer to the scammers.

Federal authorities say don’t click on the link because it could infect your computer with malware that could shut down your system and or find important information you don’t want people to know. The links install scam files into your computer.
Federal officials say they don’t send court summons via email. If you’re being called to court you’ll get a letter in the mail or you’ll get the notice through a process server.
The email is a scam. The email itself is full of punctuation errors which authorities say should be a red flag for people.
If you get the email don’t click on any of the links, just delete it. Tell your friends and family members about the scam because they target the elderly with the emails that can scare some older folks.
US Postal service officials say there’s a reason for all the fraudulent emails. Criminals don’t like to use the mail because the Postal Inspectors Office is a strong enforcement tool of the postal service that’s aggressive in its tactics.

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