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Create a money-saving smart home | Yass Tribune | Yass, NSW – Yass Tribune

With many businesses still encouraging flexible working arrangements, Australians are staying in more than ever before. To help people minimise increased power bills and reduce their energy consumption, lighting and electrical manufacturer Legrand Australia commissioned a national research report to better understand usage and approach to energy conscious consumption.

Findings from the Legrand Australia Energy Consumption Research Report revealed more than 77 per cent of Australians are seeking new ways, or currently practicing methods of energy reduction in the home, however only 42 per cent consider themselves informed about how to achieve this.

To combat this staggering disparity and instil confidence within Australians, Legrand Australia has compiled a list of energy saving tips for new and existing homes that’ll help keep bills down while doing a world of good for the environment.

1. Monitor consumption and remotely control your home with smart switches.

Considering our power usage routine is key to understanding the times we aren’t using power and could be saving energy.

“Scheduling air conditioning, automating lighting and other appliances around your home can all be done using the Excel Life Smart wireless master switch to ensure all non-essential lights and outlets are turned off at one location,” says Legrand’s lifestyle expert Jason Neophytou. “You can also control your home remotely and turn off individual appliances at the switch, saving you the headache of wondering if you turned your straightener or iron off too.”

2. Set up simple security sensors and lighting.

While many Australians leave a light on at home while they’re out for security reasons, doing this isn’t the most effective way to prevent break-ins. Continuous security lighting can be a major energy user, constantly drawing power from the grid, and contributing to a higher energy bill. The Netamo outdoor security camera has facial recognition and real time alerts sent to your smart device when it sees a face or animal it doesn’t recognise. You can also trigger a 100-decibel siren from the app. The light will only activate when it needs to, reducing false alarms and saving energy.

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3. Chill your power bill while keeping your home warm in winter.

Legrand’s energy report revealed 57 per cent of Australians are actively looking to save money on their power bills. “As we move into winter, not many Australians realise they are able to use ceiling fans to assist in keeping spaces warmer,” says Jason. “Save on power bills with the HPM Inspire Sweep Fan. By switching it to clockwise it can aid in dispersing heat, while the reverse action will lift cold air up while pushing warm air down.”

4. Create an energy conscious bathroom.

We have known for years that LED lights are more cost and energy efficient. While many Aussies now use them in general living areas, the bathroom is often forgotten, draining both our electricity and pockets. Swapping out bathroom heat lamps for the HPM Fanlight replaces a high-use energy unit with an energy efficient LED option.

5. Light your home and lighten your energy use with smart downlights.

Smart downlights are revolutionary and perfect for renters, as all you have to do is connect your downlights to your smart device for seamless remote control. They’re great for energy efficiency, adjusting brightness to save energy and have a timer to turn lights on and off when not in use, or when you’re away from the home and remember you left the lights on.

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