I’m a savings expert – three tips on saving money on your electricity bill… – The US Sun

I’m a savings expert – three tips on saving money on your electricity bill… – The US Sun

TEXAS, and other parts of the nation, continue to experience heat waves with temperatures reaching triple digits.

However, just because temperatures are staying high, doesn’t mean your electricity bills have to.

Adam Sanders works for Watchdog Realtor in Texas


Adam Sanders works for Watchdog Realtor in TexasCredit: watchdogrealtor

Housing expert and realtor Adam Sanders has been in the business for years serving Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Adam, who goes by watchdogrealtor on TikTok, shares tons of information on the home buying process, understanding the Texas housing market, and even some DIY tips.

In a recent video, Adam shared with his followers three tips on how to bring down your electricity bill.

Below are his three simple steps.

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1. Change your HVAC filters

Dirty filters can decrease your system’s efficiency, causing it to work harder, but not produce adequate air.

Adam says that by changing filters each month, you can drastically reduce your electricity bill – by nearly 10%.

Additionally, if your HVAC filter hasn’t been replaced in quite some time, the housing expert said that your blower motor could fail.

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If this happens, you’ll wind up spending even more.

2. Use Algae tablets

Doing your own HVAC maintenance can save you tons of money on service costs, early replacements on your system, and many headaches.

For those with units in their attic, it’s best to use algae tablets in your unit’s drain pan to prevent any algae growth.

He also suggests regular use of a vinegar and water solution, to keep drain lines clean.

3. The right HVAC unit

If it’s time to buy a new unit, purchasing the right one can save you money even while you’re spending.

The first thing Adam suggests looking for is size.

Shoppers must make sure they buy the correct size for their home or apartment.

Another thing to consider when buying is the unit’s Seer Rating.

These will rate the unit’s cooling capacity to power input, ultimately revealing an air conditioner’s efficiency.

He said in Texas, consider getting a unit with a Seer Rating of at least 14.

Other tips to cut costs on your bill

Using energy, especially during peak hours, causes stress on the power grid and ultimately drives up electricity bills.

However, there are ways to avoid higher costs while staying cool.

Simple tricks like closing the shades can reduce heat by nearly 33% according to the Department of Energy.

Proper insulation can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

According to the EPA, air that leaks through your home’s outer walls, windows, doors, and other openings tend to waste tons of energy, increasing your utility costs.

Those who insulate can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs.

This comes out to an average of 11% of total energy costs, according to the EPA.

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