President’s Message: Don’t miss last set of money-saving ideas – Canton Repository

President’s Message: Don’t miss last set of money-saving ideas – Canton Repository

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Here is the conclusion of our list of 27 tips for ways to save money at home. Check out the previous lists at the links below.

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#22 Check Your Home Insurance for Savings – Your homeowner’s insurance should change as your life changes. For example, installing home security devices – including smoke detectors, burglar and fire alarm systems, or dead-bolt locks – could reduce your premiums. Bundling your home and auto coverage could also save money on both policies. To be sure you’re getting the best price, check that any combined price from one insurer is lower than buying the coverage separately from different companies. Surveys have found that you could be paying more than another insurer would charge for the same coverage. So you could save by going with a new company or using their quote to bargain with your current provider. 

#23 Borrow Tools Instead of Buying – How often will you use that $600 demolition hammer once you remove your bathroom tile? Not so much? Rent it from a home-improvement store for a fraction of the cost. Be sure to do the math for each tool and project; sometimes, the rental price is high enough to justify buying it. 

#24 Cut Back on Paper Towels – Two rolls of paper towels a week add up to about $182 annually! Instead, try machine-washable cotton shop towels. They clean up messes just as fast and cost less than $2 for five. Save paper towels for messes that need to go straight into the trash, like oil and grease. 

#25 Stop Buying Plants for Curb Appeal Every Year – A pop of color in your landscaping perks up your curb appeal. But instead of wasting household funds on short-lived annuals, invest in perennials that will keep giving for years to come. 

#26 Water Grass in the Morning to Save on Your Water Bill – Turning the sprinkler on at midday is like watering the air — especially when the mercury soars. Lose less to evaporation by watering during cooler hours (but avoid overnight watering, when too-slow evaporation can invite fungus growth). 

#27 Make Your Yard Drought-Tolerant – Swapping out 100 square feet of lawn with low water plants can save a homeowner 1,000 gallons of water in the first year. After three years, savings can increase because plants have established root systems and need even less water. 

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