What Inflated Twin Falls Grocery Items Can You No Longer Afford? – News Radio 1310 KLIX

What Inflated Twin Falls Grocery Items Can You No Longer Afford? – News Radio 1310 KLIX

Inflation in the United States is making many Americans have to go without food items they’re accustomed to having in the pantry and refrigerator. You’ve probably noticed that some groceries have more than doubled in price in the past year while wandering aisles at your favorite Twin Falls market.

American consumers are currently getting absolutely crushed by inflated tax prices, service costs, interest rates, groceries, and other economic dependencies. Demand has superseded supply, and store shelves are the best indication of the present situation in the United States and throughout the world. I had to pass on an $8 carton of eggs the other day.

Reader’s Digest recently compiled a list of the 20 most inflated grocery items of 2022. Some of the biggest markups include bread, meat, fruit, organic foods, paper products, over-the-counter medications, pet food, and cereal. Those bulk buyers who frequent superstores such as Costco aren’t really saving much in the long run either.

The average cost of a store visit to get the food and goods required for my household of three is about $240. When prices first began to explode earlier in the year, we stocked our garage cooler so we’d have some food to fall back on when inflation got totally outrageous. Our typical weekend breakfast of two eggs, country-style potatoes, a hash brown, and an English muffin would go for about $18 in a restaurant.

Hopefully, our economic struggles will subside early in 2023, but current predictions don’t make that appear very likely.

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