Worcester Bosch’s top five tips to help save energy at home – Worcester News

Worcester Bosch’s top five tips to help save energy at home – Worcester News

With the nights drawing in and many people still working from home, Worcester Bosch has put together a list of tips to help Worcestershire residents save money on their heating and energy bills.

While we all love a long, hot shower at the end of a busy day, the most effective way to keep refreshed is with short, cool showers.

To help you cut costs, save energy and stay cool, check out these tips on showering smart:

• Choose showers over baths, to cut your water bills in half and to save on energy, daily

• Take shorter showers. Been using the gym more at home? Shave a minute off the post work out shower and save yourself time and money daily

• Turning water off while lathering, will save on water and cut your showering time in half, saving you time as well as money

Martyn Bridges, director of technical communication and product management at Worcester Bosch, said: “The next time you come back from an intensive workout, attempt to shower for one minute less than usual.

“Doing this will save you hundreds on your energy bills per person.”

Tip 2: Be Careful in the Kitchen

To make the most out of your kitchen, and to not burn a hole in your bank account, cut down on water consumption, energy and heat by following these simple tips:

• Take care to only fill the kettle with the amount of water that you require, this will avoid the cost of re-boiling and re-filling unnecessarily

• Clean your stove-top regularly, burner efficiency can be reduced dramatically when burner pans are blackened due to heavy use, clean stove tops often to prevent heavy use

Martyn Bridges added: “I know that I drink at least five cups of tea per day at work.

“If you’re like me, take care to only fill the kettle with the amount of water you require, to avoid the cost of re-boiling and re-filling unnecessarily.”

Tip 3: Stop Heat Escaping

With home working still very much a thing of the present, you will be spending more time indoors, meaning you may have the heating on when you usually wouldn’t.

Simple steps include:

• Pulling furniture away from walls, radiators against outside walls can allow heat to escape, so pulling furniture away from radiators can improve the circulation of air and make the radiator more effective

• Opening curtains on the southside of your house during the day, this will increase the solar gain into the house and at night ensure all curtains are properly closed to keep out the cold

• Always cover your pots and pans – water and food will cook faster, and you will lose less energy in the process

Mr Bridges said: “In addition to these simple steps, several other long term solutions can be implemented, including using double glazed windows and fitting curtains, carpets and adding reflective foil to your walls, to ensure you are keeping heat in.”

Tip 4: Change your Homely Habits

Actively changing your habits will make a difference both to the environment and your bank balance, and you can do it too by following these three simple steps:

• Turn off laptop switches, not leaving your laptop on standby could save you an extra £30 a year according to Energy Saving Trust

• Using cold water to brush your teeth or shave, could additionally help you save throughout the year

• Fill your dishwater and washing machines up, making sure they are full before you use them and switching to the most energy efficient and water saving settings will save you both time and money

Tip 5: Taking Control of your Heating

While working from home, make sure to not overload on heat, as you will end up feeling tired, faster.

• Turning down your thermostat, by a single degree could help you save £80 a year, while also saving on energy emissions

• Set your heating to optimal temperatures, 21°C is comfortable when you’re at home, with 17°C ideal for when you’re not in, a balance for working from home should be considered

For more information, go to www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/

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