10 easy tips on how to consume energy and save money in your own home during heat waves – ABC 57 News

10 easy tips on how to consume energy and save money in your own home during heat waves – ABC 57 News

St. Joseph County, Ind. — Extreme heat and humidity will continue through the weekend and that means people will be relying on their A/C’s to stay cool, here are 10 easy no-cost tips on ways to save energy and money.  

“We know bills are higher in the summer months and that’s why Indiana Michigan Power wants to help our customers do what they can to take control and manage their energy use,” said Schnee Garrett, Spokesperson for Indiana Michigan Power. 

As simple as some of these following tips might sound, I want you to check around the house and see if you are paying more money than you should be. 


  1. Set your thermostat a little higher during the summer months — this reduces cooling costs about 3% to 4%  for each degree adjustment. And if you want to lower your energy bill by more than 10%, all you have to do is set it to 78 degrees which is recommended.

  1. Raise the thermostat to 78 degrees wherever you go to bed or leave the house because turning the a/c on and off or adjusting it back and forth uses more energy which will cost you a few extra buck.

  1. The third tip you see there on the screen says to turn off any lights in empty rooms when they are not needed.  

  1. We’re all probably guilty of not following this piece of advice: turn off and unplug all appliances when they are not in use. Yes, that includes your microwave, your t-v and blender. 

  1. The next tip is as easy as shutting the door of your refrigerator. 

  1. Save hundreds of dollars by making sure to lower the water heater temperature to 120. Some are originally set at 140, so reducing this can really help you conserve energy while staying on budget. 

  2. Use cold water when washing clothes to save you a few extra bucks on your electric bill.

  3. Believe it or not, setting your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise pushes air down which helps cool the room using less energy. 

  4. Avoid using heat-styling appliances, dryers and ovens during peak hours of the day. 

  5. And finally, make sure to move all furnishings away from your floor and return air vents to  allow for more air flow, which will lead to a colder environment. 

Saving money on your electric bill can be as easy as pressing a button or unplugging a cord. Schnee also says there are other options like smart devices, and wifi thermostats that can do the job for you but there are upfront costs with those.

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