35 Little-Known (But Genius) Ways You Could Be Saving Money Around The House – Bustle

35 Little-Known (But Genius) Ways You Could Be Saving Money Around The House – Bustle

A good tip when it comes to saving money is worth its weight in gold (OK, you know what I mean). That’s especially true if said tip also helps with easy upgrades to the most-used items around the house. Many of the money-saving tips below are also smart ways to reduce carbon footprints and work towards becoming eco-friendlier and more environmentally conscientious. Win-win!

This list offers many useful (and sometimes unusual) suggestions for items that up the efficiency of your home, and make for easy swaps (looking at you, single-use plastics). That means you save money in the long run by stocking your house with items that can be reused over and over, without having to constantly drop cash on replacing disposable items.

Think about how many plastic bags you go through in a single year just from making lunches and storing snacks. We found an awesome set of reusable silicone zipping storage bags that are a great and feasible replacement for the kind you toss. Not only do you save yourself dollars, but you help out Mother Earth by cutting down on excess waste. Now that’s a feel-good solution.

Some of the items on this list also provide a nifty, hands-on experience. If you or someone you know loves to cook, check out the fresh herb starter garden that grows directly in your kitchen. You can skip buying (and tossing) grocery store goods and literally have fresh herbs at your fingertips all year round! The epitome of sustainability.

So, read on, and behold some cost-saving solutions that may make you, your household, and even the planet feel good in more ways than one.


A Pack Of Eco-Friendly, Organic Wool Dryer Balls That Get Your Clothes Soft

Keep your laundry soft, smelling fresh, and free from unwanted lint and static by swapping disposable dryer sheets with these reusable, hypoallergenic wool dryer balls. You don’t have to worry about additives or fillers as each ball is made from organic New Zealand wool. If you want to add an extra unique touch, sprinkle on some essential oils before tossing them in the dryer.


This Waterproof Clock & Timer That Helps You Track Shower Time

Keep tabs on water usage by noting how long you spend in the shower with this digital timer (that has a handy hanging hook). Not only is the little gadget great for tracking time, but with a switch of the display, it also functions as a traditional clock. It makes a durable timer for cooking adventures in the kitchen, too, with a magnetic back that pops onto the fridge, and has a pop-out stand for non-water-based timing needs.


An Energy-Efficient Set Of Customizable Color Light Bulbs

You’ve never had a light experience quite as cool (or warm, or purple) as this, until you’ve switched over to these LED smart bulbs. The simplest thing these bulbs do is turn on and off with voice control. Use your home hub device like Alexa or Google Home Assistant, or their own smartphone app, to craft a dazzling light ambience along a spectrum of 16 million hues that includes warm and cool whites.


A Set Of Eye-Catching, Reusable Swedish Dish Cloths

Help your kitchen become more eco-friendly with this 10-pack of reusable Swedish dishcloths. They’re made from a blend of wood pulp and natural cotton, which allows them to be incredibly absorbent, durable, and also biodegradable. They’re a great paper towel alternative, and are easily cleaned with a zap in the microwave. There are 10 different color and design options available in larger or smaller sets, too.


This Mini Deodorizer For The Fridge To Keep Things Extra Fresh

Keep your fridge smelling clean every time you open the door with the assistance of this oxygen-activated deodorizer. Not only does it battle odors, but oxygenated air creates an ideal fridge environment that helps keep produce fresh by blocking the ethylene gas that triggers decay. Reviewers say it works well and really makes a difference.


A Pack Of Refillable K-Cups For Your Coffee-Pod Machine (Hallelujah!)

Eliminate a huge amount of single-use plastic waste when you replace the old guys with these reusable mesh K-cups. You can get your favorite brands of coffee to fill these pods fresh every morning for your daily routine. Made from BPA-free plastic and mesh, they’re easy to clean and wash for their next use. They are also compatible with all the Keurig models.


This Battery-Charging Station That Comes With 4 Reusable AAs

Recharge AA and AAA batteries in a snap with this rechargeable battery charger. In a single go, this device gives you the ability to recharge up to four batteries at once. When they’ve been fully juiced, the device will automatically turn off to ensure no power is wasted. There’s also an audio and visual indicator that indicates charging levels so it’s ultra simple to use.


This Vacuum-Sealing Machine That Lets You Store Food & Keep It Fresh

Keep a wide variety of foods fresh up to five times longer than typical storage methods when you start using this vacuum sealing machine at home. You’ll also save space in your freezer and fridge as the bags shrink considerably when things get sealed. It is quick and easy to use, and works to sous vide as well. Items get sealed shut in 15 seconds flat with the press of a button.


These Plastic Storage Containers That Help Keep Food Fresher, Longer

This four-pack of Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers keep fruits and veggies fresh for an extended period of time compared to average storage solutions. The lids have a special ventilation system that helps filter out condensation and old air, which allows produce to stay crisp and at its peak for longer. Less wilted lettuce in the trash works in everyone’s favor.


This Set Of Multipurpose Mini Spatulas That Get Every Bit Of Product Out

You’ll love the variety of uses you get from this handy five-pack of silicone spatulas. They come in four different sizes and lengths to accommodate your particular scooping needs. Designed to fit into narrow openings of smaller bottles and jars, they also work great for getting into corners and crevices. Clean them easily by hand with some warm soapy water or toss them in the dishwasher.


This Weather Strip That Fits To Your Door & Blocks Drafts

Keep your home better insulated with the help of these simple door draft stoppers. They keep outside air out and inside air in to more efficiently regulate indoor temperatures. All you have to do to install is push the adhesive side securely onto the bottom of any door. They’re about the simplest way to help you save energy and money in the long run.


A Programmable Thermostat That Makes It Simple To Regulate Air Temps

Keep your house at the energy-conserving temperature you choose for every day of the week with this programmable home thermostat from Honeywell. You can customize your schedule with four different options — wake, leave, return, and sleep — with the option to manually set the temperature, or create a weekly program for the thermostat to follow automatically.


This Set Of Reusable Storage Bags With Multiple Size Options

Store snacks, leftovers, and more in the fridge and freezer with these reusable zipping storage bags. In this set, you get two large bags, four medium bags, and four smalls. The zipper part of the bags are color coordinated so you can easily tell which size bag is which when grabbing from the drawer. They’re also safe to put in the dishwasher for cleaning.


A 20-Pack Of Eco-Friendly Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Start reducing your carbon footprint by swapping out single use cotton pads and balls and replacing them with these eco-friendly bamboo pads. You get 20 in this pack along with a mesh sack to put them in when it’s time to toss them in the laundry. They’re excellent to use for removing makeup or applying toner and other facial beauty products, and are made to last for years.


This Storage Container That Helps Preserve The Freshness Of Bread

Bread and other baked goods will maintain their freshness longer when stored in this adjustably-vented storage container. One awesome feature this offers is that it’s expandable if you like big loafs (and you cannot lie). And sure, it also collapses to tidily hold the last few slices. Unwelcome guests like staleness and mold won’t arrive nearly as quickly when loafs are stored in this air-controlled space.


This Pair Of Solar-Powered Spotlights That Detect Motion In Your Yard

Save money and energy illuminating your yard with this two-pack of motion-sensing solar spot lights. They are weatherproof, so you can count on them working no matter the season. There are three settings to choose from depending on how bright you want them to shine. You can reserve energy using a lower brightness level, but also relax knowing they’ll recharge the next day.


A Large-Capacity Insulated Water Bottle With Built-In Straw

Step up your eco-friendly awareness and make the move from plastic water bottles permanent by switching to this 32-ounce stainless steel water bottle. You have the option to sip through the built-in straw or with the free-sip spout. It keeps your bev cold for up to 24 hours, and when you’re not actively sipping, just shut the lid and keep things spill-free with the self-locking top (push the button to open).


This 12-Piece Set of Reusable Metal Straws & A Cleaning Brush

This 12-pack of reusable stainless steel straws comes with enough for you and a whole bunch of friends. The cloth carrying case lets you tidily tote them to a picnic and back. And, when you’re done sustainably sipping, get these puppies nice and clean with the help of the included scrubbing brush. There’s a variety of long and short, straight and curved straws, and you can choose from four picnic-blanket complementing colors as well.


The Softest Luxury Throw Blanket You’ll Never Want To Stop Using

Wrap yourself in a cushy faux fur throw blanket and immediately feel the relaxation take over. The faux fur is so incredibly soft it feels real. It’s a great blanket to cuddle up in when you don’t want to crank up the heat, keeping you toasty while watching a movie or marathoning a show. It comes in five luxe color options and two sizes, too.


An Affordable Electric Toothbrush That Has Its Own Travel Case

Let your teeth experience what the power of 40,000 vibrations per minute can accomplish with this Vibe Series whitening toothbrush from AquaSonic. The brush has four cleaning modes that come with eight timed options to be sure you’re adequately brushing. Recharge the base easily anywhere via the wireless charger. This also comes with eight brush heads, so you’re already stocked with replacements.


This Collapsible Clothing Rack To Air Dry Your Laundry

Air dry laundry and other delicates with this tried-and-true foldable clothes rack. When fully extended, there are three levels for you to hang and lay out damp clothes. It’s also capable of holding up to 30 pounds, so you can load it up instead of that energy-hogging dryer. The rack collapses easily and takes up little room, making it a great space saver. It weighs under 5 pounds on its own.


A Starter Kit To Create Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

This starter indoor herb garden comes with everything you need to begin a new (and sustainable) culinary adventure. The five herbs included are basil, coriander, parsley, sage, and thyme — all classic herbs that can be used in a variety of cuisines. The seeds come in small, labeled tubes, and there are little pots with nutrient-rich soil to start growing your herbs right.


These Stylish Cloth Napkins That Beat Paper

Give up the habit of using disposable napkins or paper towels during meals and upgrade to these reusable cloth napkins. Made from a polyester and cotton blend, you can expect to get long-term use from these puppies as they’re high-quality and durable. Each pack comes with a total of 12 napkins that measure 18 by 18 inches. Choose from 12 color options.


This Dishwasher-Safe Slow Cooker With Adjustable Cooking Levels

Cooking dinner has never been easier than when you use this one-pot electric slow cooker. The base can hold up to one and a half quarts, making it the perfect size to create a simple meal for two (or more for one). Toss your ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning and come home to a perfectly cooked meal at the end of the day. It does almost all the work for you!


This Set Of More Affordable Period Panties

This three-pack of period underwear is made from a blend of cotton and spandex to provide a soft yet secure feel when wearing. Wear them on their own for days with a lighter menstrual flow, or as a backup to more traditional products on days where your flow is heavier. Over 7,000 people rate these five stars, and say they’re comfier and work even better than the more expensive brands.


The Gel Nail Polish Kit Complete With UV Drying Lamp

Get a professional look without the cost (and treks to the salon) with the assist of this at-home gel polish kit. You get six different gel nail polish colors, as well as a base coat and two topcoats (one for shiny and one for a matte finish). You also get pro mani extras like a nail file, clippers, cuticle tool, and UV drying lamp. You’ll have fresh-looking nails all the time, all from the comfort of home.


A Bidet That Installs Easily & Saves Tons On TP

Leave thoughts of hoarding toilet paper in the distant past when you start using this luxe at-home bidet. It includes all parts and tools to set it up in minutes. The nozzle automatically retracts into a convenient guard when not in use to ensure that puppy stays clean. This version comes with a steel hose that lasts way longer than plastic counterparts, and delivers a sanitary way to clean yourself when finished on the toilet.


These Reusable Face Cloths That Magically Erase Makeup Off Your Face

Getting grime, dirt, and makeup off your face after a long day is easier than ever with these washable face cloths. Makeup is erased quickly and easily off your face with warm water so you don’t have to scrub skin, which causes inflammation and redness. Each pack comes with four machine-washable cloths, so you can rotate through them and use a fresh one every time.


A Pair Of Refillable Amber Glass Spray Bottles

These glass spray bottles give you the ability to use your favorite sprays without constantly wasting plastic. You get two bottles in this set, each one capable of holding 16 fluid ounces. They’re perfect for cleaning supplies or hair concoctions, and the glass is made with a lovely amber hue that offers UV protection (along with a nice vintage touch). You have the option of a full mist or targeted spritz for spraying.


These Attachable Extending Hooks For Your Bra

Any bra that is in need of just a little more band space will now fit perfectly with the help of this bra extending elastic band. The extendable section is made from a durable polyester that gives the piece a lot of flexibility to move and stretch. If one of your favorite bras has become too small or doesn’t fit quite right, don’t say adios before trying these simple yet brilliant elastic bands..


This Bluetooth Tracking Tile To Ensure You Never Lose Anything Important Again

Find and locate items within a 400-foot radius with the assistance of this Bluetooth Tile tracker. The device is compatible with both Apple and Android phones. Attach it to items like your keys, wallet, phone, purse, and more. If the Tile happens to be out of range, you’re able to see the last place it was, thanks to the app, to help you track it down.


A Magnetic Grocery List Notepad That Hangs Right On The Fridge

You’ll always be able to keep track of your grocery needs for the week with this magnetic grocery list pad that’s easily visible when popped on the fridge. The list is divided into common categories such as fruits, vegetables, snacks, breads/grains, toiletries, and more. It also has blank spaces to fill in additional sundries. There are over 60 sheets on the pad, which gives you over a year’s worth of weekly lists.


These Glass Screen Protectors To Save Your Smartphone From Drops

Prevent costly repairs and replacement of your smartphone by using these glass screen protectors. Each cover is made from tempered glass, so you don’t have to worry about it cracking or shattering if you drop your phone. You can expect to retain up to 99.99% of the touchscreen accuracy once you’ve applied it. Over 200,000 reviewers give it a perfect five stars.


These Dry-Cleaning Wipes That Let You Clean Fabrics That Don’t Go In The Wash

You just might love how easy it is to clean furniture and other fabrics that don’t fit or belong in the washing machine with these Woolite dry cleaning wipes. These specialized wipes help eliminate odors, remove stains, and reduce wrinkles. They’re perfect to use on clothes, as well as other household items like rugs, furniture, curtains, and more, and come in a pack of six.


A File Organizer That Protects Your Valuable Documents

This expandable file-organizing folder is the perfect way to keep important (and irreplaceable) documents safe and easy to find. There are 13 separate slots inside to arrange files the way you want. The outer material is made from an incredibly durable, fireproof silicone fabric made to withstand accidents and keep your things in proper working order. Everything stays securely inside thanks to the zipper closure.

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