5 of the best everyday money-saving podcasts – NewsChain

5 of the best everyday money-saving podcasts – NewsChain

Inflation has soared to a 30-year high – but what on earth you can do to make ends meet as the cost of living skyrockets?

Listening to a few good money-saving podcasts could be a good place to start.

Official figures show inflation rose more than expected to 6.2% in February, after prices increased across food, clothing, footwear and various products and services.

And experts have warned that the cost-of-living crisis is only going to get worse, as the Ukraine conflict pushes up inflation further and adds to increasing energy, fuel, commodities and food costs. The Bank of England predicts inflation will reach around 8% in April – and could rise even higher if wholesale energy prices continue to increase.

But instead of feeling helpless about rising costs, there’s plenty of information out there about how to keep your own spending down, to help offset the cost-of-living crisis. And one of the easiest ways to get that information is through podcasts you can easily listen to while walking the dog or driving.

Here are a few of the best…

1. The Art Of Money Saving

These easy-to-understand podcasts feature inspiring financial stories from ordinary people. For example, the episode Becoming a Thrifty Parent sees Gabrielle from @mumlifemoney explaining how to save as much disposable income as possible through shopping in the right places – including car boot sales –  reductions, Facebook pages where people post daily bargains, free websites, and even finding useful goods left outside people’s homes for others to take. “Anywhere there’s a bargain, I’m there,” says Gabrielle, pointing out that things you get from car boot sales or for free might not look perfect initially, but could just need a “tweak” – like sewing a button on or a lick of paint – to restore them to a good quality.

2. How To Be A MoneyMagpie  

Personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles’ MoneyMagpie podcasts give money-saving advice across the board, including how to save money around the house. This episode looks at ideas for cheap and nutritious meals, how to save money at home, and old ways of running our lives that will reduce spending and help the planet. Birtles says: “We believe in making money as well as saving it, as well as being clever and thoughtful in spending it.”

3. Which? Money podcast

Packed with all sorts of money-saving hacks, the Which? Money podcast episodes include ideas on ways to save on clothes and shoes, which talks about options if you want to refresh your look without spending huge amounts of cash. One nugget includes buying children’s shoes if your feet are small enough, as there’s no VAT on children’s shoes.

4. Frugal Friends

Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni give advice on everything, from 200 top tips for making the most of money and resources, to how to save money on coffee, raising kids and even pets – although they warn that not using a professional dog trainer and doing it yourself is not a good idea. “People that we know who’ve tried to train their own dogs have always regretted it,” they warn.

5. Cash Chats

Cash Chats is hosted by money blogger Andy Webb, founder of BeCleverWithYourCash.com and the Andy Clever Cash channel on YouTube. His podcast episodes include challenging your council tax band, how to get a £150 energy rebate, where to find the lowest petrol prices, and even how to save at the cinema every day.

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