Cost of living tips: Save £3,120-a-year straight away – JULIAN HOUSE – Express

Cost of living tips: Save £3,120-a-year straight away – JULIAN HOUSE – Express

Everyone is feeling the cost increases across the board right now – while you should never have to choose between heating your home or feeding your family, it never hurts to find ways to cut costs so that the question doesn’t become a choice you’re faced with down the line.

Indeed saving money, always a good idea anyway, has never been more essential to so many people.

From survival hacks to simple tweaks, our personal finance experts at have listed five of the most accessible ways anyone can combat the cost-of-living-crisis.

1) Plan your shopping and save £3,120 a year

Treat your weekly supermarket visit as a planned precision strike, rather than a casual trolley dash. Preparation and making lists can save up to a reported £60+ a week for larger families – a staggering £3,120 a year. As a side note, don’t be afraid to shop around – your supermarket shouldn’t be like your football team, or your spouse – it’s okay to cheat on your shopping destination.

2) Switch things off!

Leaving devices on standby, plugged in and switched on whilst out of use, is costing UK households on average £147 a year. Whether it’s your phone charger or your television, always aim to switch off appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them. It’s just throwing money away.

3) Use online vouchers

From gadgets to gifts to food and fun, if it’s for sale there’s more than likely a voucher code or discount for it online. Online vouchers codes and discount codes are the extreme couponing of our time, minus the effort and time of sifting through physical media. There are many websites at your fingertips, and my firm is just one example of categorised discounts free to use at your leisure. Shop around and never ever take the advertised RRP as gospel.

4) Drive slower

It’s not just energy bills going through the roof, the pinch is being felt at the pumps too. An efficient way to save on fuel for longer journeys is to stick to the speed ‘sweet spot’ – around 50mph. An average five-mile journey at 50mph costs around £1, whereas the same journey at 70mph will cost you £1.48. With air resistance a key factor in pulling on your petroleum purse strings, the slow and steady really can win the race.

5) Look at the way you keep warm

With energy bills increasing, a typical bill now sits at roughly £1,971 a year, thinking outside of the box for heating solutions that won’t break the bank is imperative. For example, using a typical electric blanket to warm your cockles’ costs around 2p-4p a day to run; far less than turning the heating on.

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