8 Electricity Saving Tips for Summer and Fall – Houston On The Cheap

8 Electricity Saving Tips for Summer and Fall – Houston On The Cheap

Electricity saving tips for summer and fall

Electricity saving tips for summer and fall – Courtesy of EnerGenie

Hey, Texas! We know the summer heat gets to us all. Here is a list of 8 tips from our friends at EnerGenie that can help you lower your electricity bills.

Electricity Saving Tips for Summer and Fall

1. You can help save electricity and money by using Energy Star® products

Look for the Energy Star® logo on your appliances and light fixtures and replace your incandescent light bulbs that are used more than two hours per day, with Energy Star® compact, fluorescent bulbs. You’ll be amazed at how much electricity you’ll save, and you’ll also feel good about helping to protect the environment!

2. Let’s talk about your laundry machine

It’s not the fanciest appliance in your house, but it’s probably one of the most important when it comes to keeping your clothes clean and fresh. After all, who wants to wear a shirt that smells like mildew? Nobody! There are two things that can make or break your dryer: how often you use it, and how well you maintain it. Here’s how to do both: When you need to run the dryer, run full loads only and make sure to clean the clothes dryer lint trap after each use. Give your dryer a rest by line drying clothes whenever you can!

3. Check your AC

It’s easy to forget about things like that when it’s so hot outside. But if your AC is running on full blast, it could be costing you big bucks. Along with having your AC inspected annually, replace your air filters regularly. Dirty air filters are a major cause of AC failure, so make sure to change them as needed.

4. Seal your home

If there’s any place in the United States that needs to stay cool, it’s here in Texas! One way to keep the heat out is by sealing off all gaps around doors and windows with caulking or weather stripping—and make sure those are nice and tight once they’re installed!


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Electricity Saving Tips for Summer and Fall – Continued

5. Get a programmable thermostat

If you are in the market for a new thermostat, look into getting one that’s programmable. This way you can set it to turn on when your AC turns off and vice versa—so while you are sleeping or away from home, it won’t be wasting energy cooling an empty space!

6. Avoid using the oven when possible

Instead of baking or roasting something indoors (which uses a lot more energy than barbecuing), try grilling out on your patio instead!

7. Use fans

You can reduce your electricity usage by using fans to stay cool when possible. It’s a good idea to set up a few fans around your home—they will spread out the cool air and help circulate it throughout your house!

8. Replace old single pane windows

If you have been thinking about replacing your old, drafty windows, now is the time to do it! Energy Star® windows can make your house more comfortable and energy-efficient all year-

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