Couple in shock as they learn how to save £9,100 and buy ‘dream home’ – Express

Couple in shock as they learn how to save £9,100 and buy ‘dream home’ – Express

For this fashion conscious couple, image is very important as they are constantly working with clients and posting on social media. However, all of this adds up and finding the money to save isn’t easy. But if they take on board the suggestions put forward by the Shop Well for Less team, Ross and George could save over nine thousand pounds.

With Ross owning his own cushions and interior business and George running his own hair salon, image is very important.

The couple prioritise looking their best and will spend money to maintain this on clothes, trainers, spa days or personal grooming.

Even their flat has their own social media account, so they also spend on pictures, mirrors, and house plants to take photos and keep their page active.

Ross said: “There is the pressure of ‘we need to buy something new; we need to post something new’ but it’s worth it and people are seeing the hard work. It’s worth it spending £80 on a chair that we’re probably never going to sit on but it’s in the picture.

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“Our spending is definitely out of control, we buy so much it’s stuff that is not needed, but it’s a want.”

The couple are ready to get out of their rented apartment in Leicester and start saving for a house.

George spends an average of £50 a week online clothes shopping. Once they get their wages, they end up spending it and have little left for savings.

On their flat alone, they’ve spent almost £7,000 on accessories such as house plants and furniture, and £800 of that went towards their large corner sofa.


George and Ross were planning to get a new sofa when they moved, but by taking it with them, they can add money to their savings pot.

Additionally, the couple have over 80 plants in their flat adding up to £900, however by shopping at a community plant swap, they can get some real plants for free and save themselves over £254.

Adding up their shoes, clothes, and online shopping the couple could almost save up £15,000 with some swaps.

George’s online shopping habit sees him spend up to £2,500 a year so the Shop Well for Less team challenged him to buy from a cash point instead of clicking a button and to put the money in a savings pot.

By buying a second-hand designer T-shirt instead of brand new, Ross could make a saving of £235, and by finding a similar T-shirt from a supermarket, he could make further savings.

If the couple halved the amount of shopping they do in total, they could save up to £1,300 a year.

Ross gets his beard trimmed every other week, however if he does this by himself at home, he can save up to £600 a year.

The couple accepted over 60 percent of Jo and Melanie’s swaps so can see a saving of £9,100 if they can stick to the tips and tricks advised. If they can continue to do the swaps suggested, they will be able to save for their dream home at a much faster rate.

George said: “It just goes to show that if we really wanted to, we could save that amount of money quite easily.”

Ross continued: “We’re definitely closer to buying our dream home. It might take a bit of time but when it does come it will be the most amazing thing ever.”

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