How Much Do North Dakotans Care About Becoming Millionaires? – Hot 975

How Much Do North Dakotans Care About Becoming Millionaires? – Hot 975

Who wants to be a millionaire? Not too many North Dakotans, apparently.

According to research by Play USA, North Dakota comes in at number 40 on a list ranking the states on their residents’ desires to become millionaires. Apparently, the search for “how to become a millionaire” has increased by 22% since the pandemic started. If you are someone trying to become a millionaire, it is probably best to put the effort in rather than thinking you’ll hit the lottery or win big on a bet in Vegas.

So, how does one become a millionaire?

I mean, you could win big in the lottery or in Sin City. But there are more realistic ways to at least try to achieve the goal of reaching millionaire status. Yahoo! actually just came out with a list in July of tips on how to become a millionaire. There are no “get rich quick” schemes on the list. Instead, all the information has to do with being a responsible adult. According to Yahoo!, some things a person should do to become a millionaire include:

5 Ways to Become a Millionaire

If you are an ambitious North Dakotan who wants to become a millionaire, Yahoo! has a few tips for you.

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