Stacey Solomon shares genius money-saving tip with fans as energy bills soar – HELLO!

Stacey Solomon shares genius money-saving tip with fans as energy bills soar – HELLO!

Energy bills have soared dramatically with the price cap increase that has been implemented on 1 April, with homeowners keen to do whatever they can to save money.

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They include Stacey Solomon, who revealed that her bills had “gone up ridiculously”, prompting her to try some changes to her energy usage to see if it makes a difference and help her to make savings.

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WATCH: Stacey Solomon shares clever money-saving tip

Sharing a look at her daily routine in a series of videos on her Instagram Stories on Thursday, the 32-year-old said she had started using appliances such as her washing machine in “off-peak hours”, and was trying to hang her laundry outside to dry rather than use the tumble dryer.

“I know loads of people’s energy bills have gone up ridiculously. Mine has too and I was speaking to my provider and they said there are ‘peak hours’ when using electric so I’m trying to use the machines outside of these hours and hang dry when I can. I’ll let you all know if it makes a difference to the next bill,” Stacey explained.

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When asked by fans what the peak and off-peak hours are, Stacey advised them to contact their individual energy providers as they may differ depending on who their supplier is.


Stacey Solomon said using appliances in ‘off-peak hours’ could save money

“Omg sooo many of you are asking me about ‘peak hours’ for utilities, it’s so hard for so many people right now! I am no expert, I just asked my provider, I think it will depend on what tariff you’re on so speak to your provider and maybe it could make a difference,” the mum-of-four said.

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Stacey continued: “The lady I spoke to from our provider gave me certain ‘off peak’ hours and said as long as I never put a load on and leave it to go bed (always make sure you’re up until it finishes because it’s a fire risk) – then I should try to use the machines within the off peak hours and I should see a difference but I’ll keep you posted.”

We’ll definitely be giving this a try!

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